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Application and vetting

Eduventix education consultancy offers a comprehensive application and vetting service that simplifies and enhances the university admissions process. With their expertise and personalized approach, they assist students in identifying their academic goals, selecting suitable universities, and compiling compelling applications. Their team meticulously reviews and polishes each application, ensuring that it reflects the student's strengths and aspirations. Additionally, Eduventix conducts rigorous vetting procedures, verifying the authenticity of documents and preparing students for interviews or entrance exams. Their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence maximizes the chances of success, providing students with a competitive edge in the highly competitive world of university admissions.

Visa assistance

Eduventix education consultancy offers an invaluable visa assistance service, easing the complexities and uncertainties of the visa application process for students. Our knowledgeable team guides students through the necessary documentation, ensuring all requirements are met accurately and efficiently. With our expertise, we help students navigate the intricacies of visa forms, interview preparation, and submission procedures. By providing step-by-step guidance and comprehensive support, Eduventix minimizes the stress and confusion associated with visa applications, maximizing the likelihood of success. Students can rely on our experience and attention to detail, allowing them to focus on their academic journey while Eduventix handles the logistics of obtaining the necessary visas for studying abroad.

Pre- and post arrival

Eduventix education consultancy understands the importance of a smooth transition for students studying abroad. Their pre- and post-arrival service covers a wide range of essential tasks and support. Prior to departure, students receive a detailed checklist to ensure they are fully prepared. Eduventix assists with flight planning, making travel arrangements stress-free. They also provide guidance in obtaining sim cards and setting up bank accounts to facilitate seamless communication and financial management. Additionally, if the university offers accommodation, Eduventix helps students find suitable options based on availability, ensuring a comfortable living environment. With their meticulous attention to detail, students can embark on their educational journey with confidence and peace of mind.

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The process

Document collection
Step 1

After you've completed the registration we will check all the documents and get back to you within 72 hours with detailed instructions on how to proceed with becoming a student at your dream university.

Translations and Vetting
Step 2

We sort all the documents and assess which options may be even better for you. Additionally, we provide all the necessary notarized translations. 

Admission process
Step 3

We do all the footwork and connect to the right people of the university of your choice to make sure that you are well suited and get admitted into the university.

Step 4

We help you with your travel plans and even provide you a checklist. Additionally, we can arrange every step for you. We pick you up, help you set up bank accounts, get medical insurance, get a sim card and you can also request that we aid you in finding accomodation.

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